Tawanchai's MIND-BLOWING Debut Against Sean Clancy

เผยแพร่เมื่อ 15 พ.ค. 2021
Muay Thai phenom Tawanchai PK.Saenchai Muaythaigym took on Irish striking star Sean Clancy in his anticipated ONE Championship debut at ONE: DANGAL!

@ตะวันฉาย PK Channel

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  • Who's NEXT for the winner?

    • I would love to see him vs ramazanov.

    • @Jay Gill First make Tawanchai beat Bobo Sacko and Brice Delval .

    • @TomyBreezy Hope Tawanchai takes on Bobo Sacko or Brice Delval .

    • Give the guy a title shot his kicks are devastating

    • One more fight and the winner fights Nong-O

  • beautiful ko

  • damn i felt bad for the other dude. he got destroyed 😲

  • Tawanchai was so calm and composed

  • He fights like I play against the computer on easy

  • 22 years old?? Faaarkin ell.

  • Dude looks as calm as if he were playing chess.

  • Tawanchai is currently my striking idol

  • Vicious

  • Props to Clancy for taking those hits

  • Legends said that Tawanchai still has 100 hp

  • The few times his face makes a different expression and he looks inconvenienced

  • he looks so composed like a professional hitman

  • What is one ? Is there no ground game ?

    • one 3type muaythai,kickboxing,mma

  • When your legs are covered with your opponents blood.. yeah..

  • di mu piyong ug tirahan. klaro kaayong sumbagay ang kinaon. bata pa ni ga duwa na ni.

  • Futur champion :)

  • HOW does that dude get announcing work? It is ridiculous to have to listen to him talk about fighting. He has been doing it for YEARS and I have NO IDEA how he has managed to fuck up so many fights for so long. Please for the love of anything Holy retire Micheal Schivello. Let me enjoy fighting.

  • His elbow is so damn fast

  • Taiwan chai has some real power, and very calm.

  • exhibition bout: tawanchai vs mayweather, kicks allowed.

  • That CTE sound at 0:00

  • Incredible fighter, so composed

  • He's awkwardly too relaxed

  • Reminds me an awful lot of Naoya Inoue.

  • Looking forward to his UFC debut.

  • wow.. finally someone that's using real skill rather than agressive playground instinct. Hope he makes it far.

  • Damn.....

  • Damn when did 905shooter get so tall and started to fight?.

  • Some halfass leg sweeps. He had an amazing op and didnt take it. You can see he caught the leg just fine but lacked the power to follow through. If he did, Tawa would've been flipped on his head.

  • Is this kick boxing or mma? Is it normal for the ref to interfere every second someone fell?

  • Ufc fighters are the best???I dont bloody think so!!!

  • Is it mma or k1?

  • That elbow at 1:59 👌

  • Why the restarts after the knock downs? That chi is fast though.

  • Scary talented

  • Don't think I saw tawanchai breath through his mouth once during this highlight

  • Similar punching to Conor McGregor but far more dangerous with his kicks, elbows and overall speed. Big future if he chases more money in UFC. I hope so

  • Bruce Lee vibes

  • More time training, less time in the tattoo parlour. Good man.

  • please fire that commentator.


  • What a mind blowing debut!

  • Tawanchai 💜

  • That commentary though

  • I'm here cause of TNT and tawanchai he is so good

  • I love when buddy say e wouldn't think buddy was a fighter cuz he don't look it an I knoe it cuz he's asain

  • He'd get destroyed by grapplers

  • What a debut match, well done!

  • I felt does punches.. hard hitters

  • Sean Clancy should not be fighting. He really should find something else to do IMO

  • That guy did an AWESOME job of using his face to block that dudes kicks and punches! Really impressive! Caught almost all of them.....

    • lmao! never heard this joke before hahahaha. so good. you're funny, man!

  • Ta porra o maluco é rapido

  • Wow and this stone cold guy is just 22? He must have been fighting since the 10th week of pregnancy. He is so so good.

  • I got eyes cancer from Logan vs Mayweather. And I have to watching this match again to heal my eyes cancer and soul

  • my mans face was just -.- the whole fight hahahaha

  • I guess southpaw advantage but it was his debut... so I think the other guy was just out matched...

  • But ability of can Clancy to take head kicks in incredible

  • Is this mma or muay thai

    • @RAFISH GOLLOW thx for clarifying

    • @RAFISH GOLLOW kinda strange innit?

    • muay thai rules with small glove and mma stadium

  • He had like three chances to break that ankle.

  • What are the rules here? There's no ground stuff allowed?

    • 3 rules allowed in one championship --->MMA,Muay Thai,Kickboxing

  • Clancy could have swept him off his feet on several occasions

  • ouch

  • those tattoos never seem to protect you or help much anyway. Why bother desecrating your body with numbing stupidity?

  • This is what happens when you put a cookie cutter fighter in the ring with someone who is an expert and disciplined at a certain craft.

  • The whole fight Tawanchai was like 'just give up already man I'm bore...' Like, he throws everything at Sean and the dude still stand like a zombie xD

  • A champ in the making

  • Sean should've followed in his dad's footsteps and joined the Splinter Cell.

  • Gutted for my countryman, but that thai is unbelievably talented. Good scrap. Muay femur at it's best

  • How did Sean survived that long ?? Tawanchai's kick and elbow, and speed, are amazing

  • Wish my fights were public. I fought in 1984-1987. But what ever, history. All the belts I won mean nothing.

  • That guy covered in tattoos needs to find a new profession. Perhaps accounting?

  • He's the opposite of Khamzat Khamzat Chimaev. Khamzat smiles constantly like happy child. This guy is pure concentration.

  • Tawanchai was not being calm, he was being cocky, believe me I'm Thai.

    • @TomyBreezy the fuck you talking about? this is muay thai

    • yeah too many elbows and that kick was not necessesary

  • this is one sided match

  • Muay thai rules when thai boxers will learn grappling and bjj all mma fighters will be in Huge trouble Period

  • so you americans can see, the truth is the real show... it doesnt need anything else! it needs no trashtalk, it needs no tattoos.... its just to make your job! Greetings to this nice Asian guy! stay like you are!

  • Step 1: Close up the dude's right eye Step 2: killshot from his right side He really never saw it coming.

  • Is this a new bruce lee born?

  • This guy is a star

  • think i just found my new favourite striker

  • His facial expression reminds me of Fedor Emelianko - giving you a beat down like he is at his mom's funeral.

  • You'd underestimate him then get knocked out

  • Dude, his hair stays put entire time 😂

    • That's some strong glue haha

  • Dont even think he opened his mouth to breath at all


  • thts a world champion in the making right there

  • Tawanchai means Shining Sun!

  • That fight should really have been called off long before the final ko. When someone is taking that much one-sided damage the ref or the fighters corner should step in for his own safety. That was too much uneccesary damage.

  • Looks promising

  • breathing through his nose the ENTIRE time. excellent. oxygen advantage

  • bruce lee vs chuck norris

  • That kick had Clancy's nose looking for his mullet. Devastating!

  • Hes not a high level fighter yet. If he faces an opponent that knows to punish his failed shots he can lose. He stands infront of his opponent he needs to find better openings

  • Mad respect to Sean,tawanchai is awesome

  • Those questionmark kicks are so refined

  • Id rather fight a big dude than fight him, jesas i can feel those kicks just from watching it. Muay thai fighters are just built diff👁️

  • silent killer, focus, and commitment

  • Who the frick is that asian guy?! He looks like he was thinking about what he should have for dinner that night. The speed, accuracy, power, and his form is crazy as hell.

  • the only ASMR i want to watch