Police (1916) Charlie Chaplin | Edna Purviance | Leo White

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Watch Police (1916) Charlie Chaplin | Edna Purviance | Leo White
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Charles Chaplin, a convict, is given $5.00 and released from prison after having served his term. He meets a man of the church who makes him weep for his sins and while he is weeping takes the $5.00 away from him. Chaplin goes to a fruit stand and samples the fruit. When he goes to pay for it he finds his $5.00 is missing. This results in a battle with the fruit dealer, but Chaplin finally escapes. He is held up by a footpad and finds it is his former cellmate. He is inveigled into joining him in robbing a house. They put a police officer out of commission with a mallet and stack up the silverware. They then start upstairs to search the upper rooms, but are met by a young woman who implores them to leave because her mother is ill and fears the shock will kill her.
Director: Charlie Chaplin
Producer: Jess Robbins
Written by Charlie Chaplin
Starring: Charles Chaplin, Edna Purviance, Wesley Ruggles, James, T. Kelley, Leo White, John Rand, Fred Goodwins, Billy Armstrong
Snub Pollard, Bud Jamison, Paddy McGuire, George Cleethorpe
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  • The title should be 'Kick in the ass'

  • I am miss you Chaplin

  • I am Daily Chaplin

  • I tried but I just don't see what is funny about Chaplin. I laugh like crazy with Laurel and Hardy. IHe is clever but not funny.

  • This guy has talent yoh😍😍

  • 9:23 its so cool he does that....

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  • cmo te voy a dar un like si no puedo ver el video de una sola vez, ponen comerciales cada 3 minutos. si los likes son para ti, entonces deberias hacer algo.

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  • This is unfunny garbage. How times can you kick a person in the ass, or skid around a corner, for laughs?


  • Charlie Chaplin is my all time favourite hero

  • اموتتتت من كثره الضحك وربييي

  • LEGEND 👍💪👍

  • чаплин типичный наглый еврей )

  • Op 104 years

  • Why is that man holding a bible when it’s obvious he’s meant to be a Jew

  • qque genial sin ser escuchado todos lo entendían

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  • Very nice video 🙏

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  • Sad that he didn't marry Edna Purviance.

  • Interessante! Um génio assim inigualável já nasceu pronto, já nasceu com o dom, o talento, principalmente a inteligência fora do comum! Foi único! 👏👏👏👏

  • 🎬📽1916-😊👦2021 супер.

  • bravo charlot good morning

  • Hi , I wanted to ask you a question because I love Chaplin but there is something that bothers me a bit. Is it true that Chaplin let die the little dog with which he shot the life of a dog in the film? It seems the little dog adored him and when the shooting was over he left it in the production and died of grief. If someone knows Chaplin's life well and can answer me, that would be great because it tarnishes his image a bit in my eyes!

  • My favourite comedy show love from India Who with me

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  • евреев протягивал и ВЕЛИКИЙ ЧАПЛИН!!!!!!

  • Класс Чарли лучший !!!

  • chaplin no sabia lo que era una propaganda y vos me encajas propagandas, sos un asco de canal el pulgar abajo N° 3448 es mio

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  • A C A B

  • 6:10 that temper tho 🤣

  • Watching in 2021

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  • what , if he used to speak ?

    • They have taken the oath of silence!

  • KING

  • Kind of the FILM

  • He was a legend nd he will remain to be a legend

  • Charlie just Antonio browned the police officer

  • Who could put a thumbs down to Charlie Chaplin!

  • 👍

  • Très élégant le gangster au pistolet avec son costume rayé qui n a rien a envier aux tendances actuelles

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  • Lo devuelve.

  • Que terapia me hago con lo que dice su personaje ,3 en cada toma.

  • Eso sucede.

  • Entiendo.

  • in only seven minutes of film there have already been five interruptions for advertising !!

    • @Ze_ Abracadabra 👍😒

    • @André Feil ik that sucks bro 😭

    • @Ze_ Abracadabra Yes;they go so far as to put advertising in the middle of a song...

    • @André Feil happens with me too on other sites where I get a lot of ads and I be complaining but others don't

    • @Ze_ Abracadabra I'm watching in Brasil...



  • Through ages his comedy survives .

  • Who in this planet would give a thumbs down to this genius. Well I guess we know the answer now.

  • 88 blnk ml ni

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  • 😂

  • I am not come here for watching legend chaplin I am come here to watch that time and on this time how people react I want to study in detail . I am from India and i am love 😍 history uphh

  • I love 😍 🥰 history and to see that time people really if I have time machine I wanna to go that time and enjoy that times 😉 people . Really really what 🧐 a good I am not interested 🤠 to go in future but I am interested to go our past . Uphh how I am explain my emotions and query in word really hard job

    • @Vidhu Shekhar Chaturvedi 1900s were not terrible times except the two wars.

    • No. You don't really want to go back to the times when human rights and anti-biotics did not exist.

  • Eu era adolescente nessa época

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  • I love Charlie Chaplin alot and it was at my grandfather's time and he is 93 years

  • Hatari huyu MTU

  • 20世紀の俳優で1000年後に名前が残っているのはチャップリンだけでしょうね。great!!

    • Use English pliz

  • "Cantinflas" was the other "Chaplin" of siglo XX (Twenty). --- "Cantinflas" fué el otro "Chaplin" del siglo XX (Veinte).

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  • El mejor cómico en sus tiempos ! Simplemente maravilloso .

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  • На все времена или forever

  • A colourful subscribe button on a black and white video. Hmm am gonna turn it grey.

  • very very funny 🤣🤣

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  • great video dear see you next video stay connected

  • Love it

  • i like charlie chaplin very much since i was a baby ! and now im 97 years old

  • I like how the music is slow when there is nothing really interesting to look at and gets faster during fight and chase scenes, so classic

    • @B.T.S krittika .kanakaboina Well I'm just saying how nice the music is

    • No there is so interesting see again you don't know that how much hard work he will do for us

  • Hahahaha call attend like pakistani police

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  • Legent of comedy...

  • Je pense que les coups étaient bien reels Tu me manques beaucoup Depuis ton départ,personne ne t a remplacé

  • Après ce travail colossal : acteur, réalisateur, acrobate, patineur comédien etc,j'aurais tellement voulu que tu sois encore parmi nous ,car ton travail était pur et sans trucage afin de profiter un maximum

  • Love Chaplin, thank you for sharing this :)

  • Who is watching this in corona time 😔

    • 🙏🙏🙏

  • The great legend ❤️❤️❤️ may his soul rest in peace

    • Loe tone guest?£?!! Putih mulus sak karepmu ta_😎☺😋😋😋☺😂😂😂😂🤔???!!!

  • love you charlie