JAY B - Switch It Up (Feat. sokodomo) (Prod. Cha Cha Malone) (Official Live Clip)

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  • I'm just so proud and glad that you finally riding your phase when it comes to music. This is the manifestation of when Jay B become Hottie to Daddy, I can't complain 🤤 And by the way, you don't need to ask, I'll ride your body anytime 😉

  • these numbers for a live clip is so good mind you this is not an mv

  • Jay B is just oozing with swag. This is just a sample of what he has to offer. Looking forward to your album, luv.

  • backk here finally! ^^

    • ^^

  • En mi vida voy a superar tremenda obra de arte

  • Jaebeom is quite these days and I'm scared of what he's been cooking. Man has enough songs for the album already and it can be dropped anytime. I'M SCARED BRO


  • Might as well use this as my lullaby

    • It will make you WARM^^

  • Keep spinning for our leadernim!

  • My first listen of the day. My ears gratified

  • what are the chances of us getting jaebeom's album in july? i can't wait any longerrrr

  • You did well Jaebeom

  • I'm here again. Good evening, Beomies and Ahgases!

  • jayb1'a ihtiyacım var çok acil

  • Beomies and ahgases please keep spinning this !!

  • Always here !

  • Good luck jaebeom ily

  • Jaebeom best boy

  • Jaebeom ily

  • This song is so addictive omgg

  • Lidom da lidom

  • My friends sexy ♥

  • Keep spinning!!

  • I LOVE his voice & the setting!!!

  • my sexy daddy 🥰 I’ve listened more than 100 times, its so good!!!

  • My heart goes to you

  • Feel blushing while listen to the song🎵🎶 Luv it 💋💋

  • 6,264,470

  • Baby I wanna switch up 🔥

  • I’m on a cloud

  • :)

  • Love love thisss

  • I listened to Switch It Up with my eyes closed. It’s another trip! Love me some Jay B!

  • Plastik gay

  • Goodnight Ahgase! *^▁^*

    • Good morning for me

    • Good night Donna ^^

    • Goodnight Donnaaaa ! Big hugs ♡

    • Good night ^__^

  • No gimmicks or stunts for Jay B. He’s just pure talent!

  • i love you

  • I'm looking forward for the album !!

  • Rolled everyday

  • Work it Jay B! I am addicted to this song!

    • ♡♡♡♡♡

    • ♡♡♡♡

    • ♡♡♡

    • ♡♡

  • Can't wait for all the songs Jaebeom is working on!

  • If you will have concert, what is the first song you want to perform? Yugyeom: "I think it would be great if the first song would the one that was made by our member JAYB Hyung! Hyung always composed title tracks for GOT7." (@/jaebambum) ~ aww! my Jus2 heart T_T

    • I knowwww omg my weak heart can’t do this anymore T.T

    • @Divya GOT7 skrrt he also sing ribbon huhu

    • My cute lil baby Yugi T_T

  • The way he sing girl nice n calm

  • Switch it UP

  • Time to hit that 6.3! ♡

    • Fighting!!

    • Yes let's get it!

    • with u *^▁^*

    • Yes let's goooo

  • Hello

  • 6,259,811 - Keep spinning this jam!

  • i wanna hold you tight yeah~~

  • Baby i wanna switch it up

  • i really appreaciate the effort of people who come here and spin this masterpiece. y'all working so hard too ♡ keep spinning with you ahgafam.

    • when the song is this good, it doesn't even any require any effort!

    • Let’s keep spinning! Totally love Jay B!

    • Love y'all *^▁^*

    • Yes u too. Let's gooo

    • We appreciate your effort too spinning at the same time enjoying :)

  • Best boy

  • Switch It up Best song

  • leadernim, we love u!

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  • ‘Love in the modest way’ JB explain about switch it up Me : modest?? sticky my pheromones ?? Oke Bestie!!

  • Hey Leader! (๑•᎑

  • ท่าเต้นกับเนื้อเพลง คือ... ตายๆๆ หัวใจจะวาย 🤭

  • *the overflowing visual and talent of Lim Jaebeom.*

  • Pure talent

  • JB So Good

  • sesine ölmek

  • เพืัอนใครน้อ​ ทำไมแซ่บอิหลี

  • me again . using 2 devices to spin :P

    • @Adele Gillaspie I'm happy spinning with u all ♡ i can't spin at morning but im always here at night hehee thankyou for spinning too.

    • @def: ur leadernim! Thanks for all the spinning you do. You're a wonderful person and interacting with you makes streaming super fun! (^‿^)

    • @Adele Gillaspie hehe :D working so hard here after my duty at work.

    • Clever! I'm impressed (☆▽☆)

  • with you. hello :D

  • We love you so much Jayb! Always here for you♡♡

  • best b

  • Can't wait for albeom sir

  • 2:52 I SCREAMED

  • This song is so touch my heart. Keep going JB. ❤️ from 🇹🇭

  • Wow

  • i never get tried off this song

  • Today we are very slow. Come on ahgases let's get this queen 7m fast


    • Let's get it...

  • Benim lidom

  • haha yt hates me. :D

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  • Love you

  • You are beyond amazing ♡

  • there is no way to escape from this song GREAT

  • I wish Jay B’s compositions will be hugely successful and that he will receive a lot of support and affection in this new journey in his career. This song is really amazing.

  • This gut feeling about JayB preparing something BIG for us all and that this song is just one of his teasers. I mean, H1GHR MUSIC is not the same as his previous agency, with restrictions and all. We also need to think that Health is Wealth. So, watch out world for JayB's surprise.

  • this song just never gets old it gets better everytime you listen to it

  • so Yugyeom and JB making strip music now... let me go make a playlist rn brb

  • Best leader

  • Sexy ♡

  • His voice ~

  • hi, just anothr day of spinning this masterpiece

  • The fact that it was a Live performance in a wood..He is insane for this..No wonder he got the main vocal title..He even reached 5E note for a female singer, voice!

  • :)

    • :))

  • every day come here igot7

  • keep spinning let's go

  • come on beomies/palm trees.

  • He is . A genius.

  • A masterpiece

  • Omg i cant believe i just know this song exist😫 THIS IS SO GOOD !! TOO GOOD!!!!💓

    • Today u found. Yes its tooo good. His name is JAYB

  • The vocals!!!!

  • Damn this is my type of song

  • Hereeee

  • 🐥💚 Switch it up (JB) riBBon(BamBam) One in the million(Mark) All your fault ,I want you around (Yugyoem) LMLY (Jackson) So not worth it , Fall in love (Youngjae) 🐥💚🐥💚What is JINYOUNG song?🐥💚🐥💚